Shauna Jackson
Personal Shopper

the gift solution

Missed your wife’s birthday again? Forgot your anniversary? Did you buy the last Mother’s Day card at the grocery store with the bad carnations? Let’s get you out of the dog house. The "gift solution" is designed to assist you in making sure you never forget an important date again. 
How it works:
  1. We meet to outline all the important dates and people in your life. 
  2. At that time I’ll also do a profile on all these significant people. 
  3. Likes, dislikes, sizes, favorite brands, etc…(All information is confidential.) 
Example of the plan in action:
One month prior to your wife’s birthday I’ll send you and your assistant an e-mail reminder of the important date and reconfirm you’d like me to purchase a gift for your wife. Two weeks before I’ll send you an e-mail of gift ideas within your budget. Once you decide on a gift I’ll purchase and deliver to your office wrapped and ready to go.
All Services are based on an hourly fee. Please contact me for additional info.